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YWS , Your Ultimate Solution

yws automotive

YWS Resources Sdn Bhd was registered under Company Commission of Malaysia (SSM) with Registration Number: .(1402099-U) Among the popular services are:

1) Engine Overhaul

2) Gearbox Repair

3) Air conditioning and Wiring

4) Spareparts

5) Tyres and Wheels (Sport rims)

6) Wheel Balancing and Alignment

7) Batteries

8) Lubricants

9) Suspensions

10) Brakes services

11) Minor services (bulb, wiper etc)

12) Major services (power steering etc)

Our operation hours:

Saturday - Thursday 9.30am to 6:00pm
Friday &  Public Holiday Closed


Minor service, major service etc.


Towing, accident repair, overhaul etc.


Multi brands tyres, sport rims and spare parts for your automotive needs

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